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Wyspa sobieszewska

Sobieszewska Island – the third largest island on the Polish Baltic coast, just after Wolin and Uznam. From the north, it is surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk, from the south, north and east – by the Vistula river waters. It has the status of an ecological island, moreover – it has been recognized as a Protected Landscape Area. We live here every day and we are not surprised by these titles – this is a unique place in terms of nature, as well as the lack of commercialization that so strongly invades the Polish Coast.


The island is primarily beaches – you can expect the most beautiful beaches of Gdańsk here. Wide, with soft, white sand and – which pleases our guests enormously – most of the time almost empty. You don’t have to race here for a scrap of free space here. You can enjoy a leisurely walk through the forest, then continue along the seashore or spread your favorite blanket and admire the sky, listening to the soothing sound of the waves. We guarantee that feet running a few centimeters from your head will not pour sand in your eyes, and sellers of corn and cotton candy will not wake you up from a nap under a book.

Sobieszewska Island is 11 kilometers of the coast, beautiful beaches sheltered by a belt of dunes and a pine forest. This experience is quite different from the hustle and bustle of seaside resorts. Here you can still feel symbiosis with nature. We recommend you try and warn that this place is addictive…


Lovers of walks will not run out of space. A forest stretches along the entire length of the Island, separating the sea from the rest of its area. This forest belt is almost a kilometer wide. You will find marked paths for running, Nordic walking and even cross-country skiing. Running along the forest along the sea, when you hear the sound of waves, your eyes enjoy the lush green, and your nose pampers with the smell of needle-cover is an invaluable experience. We regularly check ourselves – not bored at all, and endorphins wake up every time. A moment of relaxation on the beach works wonderfully as a reward for effort. If you run in the morning, there is a good chance that this experience will only be yours.


It’s hard to believe until you check it yourself, but … there are really amber on the beaches of Sobieszewo Island! It is here that the Polish “Amber Coast” begins, which stretches further across the beaches of the Vistula Spit, up to Krynica Morska. Ambers are easiest to find after stormy nights, but careful walkers will manage to find tiny pieces even when we can enjoy the mild weather. When we tell our guests about it, they usually don’t trust us. And then they come to show off their collections  It is very nice to see their pride and excitement with these amber gains. This is the most beautiful souvenir from the sea that you can imagine.


On the Sobieszewska Island, two nature reserves await you – Mewia Łacha and Ptasi Raj.
You are walking distance from the House on the Island from Mewia Łacha. The trail begins at the small fishing harbor. It is worth stopping for a moment – maybe you will find fishermen who have just returned from hunting? The reserve covers 19 ha and is home to countless birds. Flock of seagulls, numerous species of other, also very rare birds, and seals can be seen on the sandy sandbanks! Mewia Łacha Reserve is a real miracle of nature. It is worth visiting it mainly outside the summer season, when it is almost completely empty and insanely picturesque.


Ptasi Raj is a reserve on the other side of the Island. It consists of two coastal lakes (Karaś and Ptasi Raj). The biggest attraction here is the nineteenth-century stone dike that separates the larger lake from the Vistula river. Ptasi Raj is home to over 320 species of plants and 200 species of birds. A walk around the reserve can be planned along the route recommended on information signs – it’s about a 2-hour trip into wonderful nature.


First of all, we do not impose anything on you. Everyone knows what he needs at the moment. How do take advantage from living on the Island? We run in the forest, we ride bicycles (a new bike trail runs through the whole Island, which you can get to Gdańsk or you can take the ferry to the Vistula Spit and continue along the forest bike path to Krynica Morska), we walk a lot. Every day we admire the sunsets, which are simply epic here. We read books in the garden, we are also familiar with yoga and meditation. It’s a wonderful place for everything. Whatever you fancy.


Anytime. There are no better or worse periods. Every season is beautiful here. Cool winter days repay you with the fact that the trails and beaches are completely empty, the air is saturated with iodine, and stormy days bring amber gifts. Autumn colors the woods like an impressionist with outstanding creativity, peace and harmony are felt in the air, nature slows down, which also allows us to slow down the pace and rest. Spring explodes with greenery, the surrounding rapeseed fields invariably delight, the awakening forest gives incredible energy, and bird concerts replace television and radio. Summer is the most obvious time – perfect for a hipster escape from the city, duties, and haste. It’s an opportunity to grill in the garden, chill in a hammock or read a book on the terrace. For walks, relax on the beach and bike trips. Without squeezing through the crowd of vacationers, in privacy and intimacy.

our rooms and apartments

The House on the Island offers 8 different rooms and apartments. We created them so as to feel that we would like to spend a longer while in them ourselves. We have made the inspirations brought from travels come true – those further but also local. The hipster spirit of Tel Aviv, the trouble-free climate of Thailand, the homie aura of Italian bed & breakfast, Greek looseness or just the minimalism of a forest hut hidden somewhere in Kashubia. Feel like at HOME. This is the most important for us.


Which room or apartment will be perfect for you? Read about them and choose the one for yourself – for a stay by the sea in your style.

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Very good phone and text contact with the owner. Good organization and a nice greeting in the form of a letter. Studio is clean, bright, pleasant and quite spacious. Kitchenette very well equipped with the necessary kitchen utensils. The bathroom is clean, fragrant and well-stocked (towels, soap, paper, hair dryer, etc.). In addition, the studio includes a private terrace surrounded by greenery with a table and chairs. Guests have at their disposal deckchairs in front of the apartment entrance, barbecue and apples from forty-year-old apples. You can find the shop, harbor and several eateries nearby.

Anna, August 2019

A place to relax, fantastic, elegant contact with the owner Kamil who knows how to take care of guests. Nice welcome with attached description where you can walk, where to sunbathe, eat well etc. Very clean apartment with a wonderful garden / terrace and a large garden with barbecue available, secure parking. The beach, the sea, far and close as for whom, but thanks to the pleasant forest scenery 20 minutes walk is very pleasant. I add a place to favorites and if the opportunity arises I will gladly go back there. I do not like that all good things must come to an end, but this problem cannot be solved even by Mr. Kamil 😉

ManiekElviraTosia, July 2019

The place met my expectations, we are happy with my husband. I recommend especially for people who like hiking through the forest. In addition, the beach is uncrowded and you can freely have a lot of space for yourself.

Renata, August 2019

Very spacious, nicely furnished apartment. Comfortable bed. Well-equipped kitchenette. Fast WiFi. A large parking lot. Very convenient location (bicycle path in front of the house) and access to the garden. Great contact with the owner. We spent a very nice time here and will definitely be back.

Jacek, June 2019

Location in a very calm and quiet, but nice area, close to the beach, which by the way was also very calm and almost deserted;). Studio very nice, clean. Contact with the owner very good, nice and reliable.

Patrycja, August 2019

The owner of the facility gave us a welcome letter with all tips and hints – what, where and how far 🙂 what was a pleasant and original surprise. The room was just like the picture – very nice, well-kept and clean. It is a good place for people who primarily want to relax and break away from the bustling city. Neighborhood is quiet and calm. The beach (which is not crowded) can be reached in 15 minutes walking through a forest path. For those interested in greater exploration of the place I recommend the nature reserve at the mouth of the Vistula. If we plan to return to this part of the country, we definitely choose Viktoria!

Paulina, August 2019

Super location, quick access by car to the center of Gdansk. Quiet area, close to the beach, clean and without crowds. A duplex studio with a lovely terrace, clean and pleasant. I recommend highly:)

Aniafor, August 2019


Find time for the day when you take each breath consciously.
We are waiting for you at the Baltic Sea.


ul. Boguckiego 84
80-690 Gdańsk (Świbno)
Wyspa Sobieszewska

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